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 Why should you choose Liquidic?

Liquidic® is a leader in water treatment and water delivery services for residential and office use. At Liquidic, we believe that everyone deserves premium drinking water. Water goes directly into our body and affect our day to day health and how we perform in the office.

 What is the history of Liquidic?

Liquidic® was created in Calgary in 2013. The founder and Leader of Liquidic®, is a professional engineer and water treatment specialist motivated by the need to provide better quality drinking water for Canadians. He has worked in the water industry over the last 15 years and understand the major challenges associated with water quality in different regions of Canada and United States.

 What delivery services are provided?

Liquidic® provides water delivery services in Calgary for homes and Offices. You can arrange water delivery for your home or office to meet your schedule. We understand the difficult schedules of modern life and we guarantee that water will be delivered when your need.

 What are Water Filtration Systems?

Liquidic® offers a wide range solutions for drinking water including water filters, water softeners, package membrane water treatment systems including Ultra \ filtration, Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis, for residential commercial and industrial applications

 What other Products and Services are provided

Liquidic® offers water treatment equipment and spares to meet the day to day needs for homes, offices, small communities, commercial and industrial water treatment installations. These spares and equipment and critically selected to meet the most stringent North American standards.

 What commercial and industrial solutions can Liquidic provides?

In additional to homes and offices, Liquidic® also offers water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial applications, ranging from water softeners for restaurants and coffee bars to water treatment for power plants, manufacturing facilities and other industrial applications.

 What is the Liquidic Water Care Center

Liquidic® Water Care Center is designed to be the center of excellence in innovative water treatment and water delivery services. As such the center is responsible for:

  • Ensuring 100% satisfaction to clients queries,
  • Researching and implementing the Best Available and Economically Feasible water treatment and distribution services to ensure that everyone has access to premium treated bottled water quality.
  • Providing differentiating Water Consulting Services

 How to order Water Homes Water Delivery services?

If you are interested in ordering our products and Services, please call Liquidic Water Care Center and our of staff will carefully listen to you, discuss the potential product and service options that are available for your particular case and guide you to the right solution! ! You can also send us an enquiry or directly place an order if you know what you need.

 Why is good quality water so important?

The human body is made of 75% water. It’s critical that we constantly rehydrate. Drinking the recommended 2 litres of water or approximately eight glasses of water per day has been found to slash the probability of breast cancer by 79%, reduce colon cancer probability by 45%, cut bladder cancer probability by 50% and aid against. Isn’t this amazing? If you want to know more, please send us a quick enquiry.

 What are life style benefits of drinking quality premium water?

Water has been proven to help cuts colds and prevents flu's - with dehydration the mucous in the membrane of the nose dries out significantly increasing the probability of catching colds/flu. Furthermore, water improves joint mobility, it aids constipation and reduces ageing. Water can also help prevent bad breath and enables a swifter recovery from hangovers.

 Can one lose weight by drinking water?

If you drink the recommended 2 litres or approximately eight glasses of water a day, you could burn approximately 150 calories.