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Bottle Free Water Systems

Our bottle free water systems are of two categories: bottle free water dispensers and office water systems.

Bottle free water dispensers and coolers

We provide and service bottle free standing and top table dispensers with incorporated water treatment to delivery premium water quality at the point of use. Our bottle free water dispensers also called Point Of Use (POU) dispensers include all the features that are essential for all bottled water dispenser, such as an adjustable thermostat and silent running, in a compact and elegant design.

Liquidic® POU dispensers have a combination of great features, stylish look and space-saving design that have made them very popular in offices, schools and homes in Calgary and surrounding communities.

Office’s Kitchen water systems

We offer Reverse Osmosis systems to purify the water in the office’s kitchen, giving it a great taste and removing everything that could harm your staff and customers in the short and long term.

  • Stage 1 : Micro sediment filter
  • Stage 2 : Granular Activated Carbon filter (Granular Activated Carbon)
  • Stage 3: Micron Sediment filter: This a 1 micron filter to remove impurities but also to improve membrane performance to more than 95% TDS removal.
  • Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis: A thin film composite (TFC) high quality membrane that processes 50 gallon (947.5 litres) of water per day. It removes the following contaminants that may still be present in your water; lead, copper, barium, chromium, sodium, fluoride, nitrite and selenium, most of which are carcinogenic if exceeding certain concentration limits.
  • Stage 5: carbon post filter. The carbon post filter removes objectionable tastes and odours to enhance the quality of your drinking water. The filter uses NSF approved carbon filter
  • Stage 6: UV sterilization filter. The UV filter sterilizes the water to disable bacteria and other microorganisms, quickly and reliably

Depending on the quality of the initial water supply, you may not need all six stages detailed above. We can customised your POU and your office’s kitchen water system to meet your specific requirement. Give us a call an one of specialists at Liquidic® Water Care Center will gladly assist you.

Servicing and Spares

We provide scheduled and an unscheduled maintenance and repair services for the POU water dispensers and Office’s kitchen water systems.

We offer multiple rental and purchase options for our customers who prefer bottle free water dispensers. Both the rental and purchase option come with a guaranteed service offering to ensure that we maintain a continuous flow of premium water quality with no hassles. The rental option include the replacement of the dispensers for malfunctioning reasons, depending on the terms of the contract.

Liquidic® Water Care Center will gladly help you select the appropriate bottle free water system for you needs.
   Pricing Options

Service or Product



Bottled Water Dispenser – Contract

Free for a 2 year water delivery contract

CAD 0.00   (Free)

Bottle water dispenser- Purchase

Purchased with no water delivery contract

Check price on Choose a Product

Liquidic Premium Water Bottle (18.95 Litres or 5 Gallons)

Offered with 5% discount for a 2 year contract

CAD 5.00 per bottle

Liquidic Premium Water Bottle (15 Litres or 4 Gallons)

Offered with 5% discount for a 2 year contract

CAD 4.00 per bottle

Water Delivery service

In addition  to  bottled water

CAD 2.5 per delivery

Maintenance Services – Mandatory for free Water dispenser contract

One service every 3 months

CAD 50 per year spread on 12 months

Water Dispenser - Mandatory for free water dispenser contract

 We replace the unit if it malfunctions or if it is damaged. Insurance does not apply if you purchase or own the unit

CAD 40 per year spread on 12 months

    Pricing option for multistage filtration system

Service or Product



Multistage Stages Filtration System including tank, filters, faucet  and installation accessories

Price varies depending on  components included

CAD 150 to 250 per set

Filter cartridge

To be replaced every 5 months

CAD 30 to 50 per unit

Installation fees

Once off fee

CAD 50.00 per installation

Replacement of filter cartridge

Pay only the filter cartridge cost. Installation is free