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Commercial Water filtration & Water Softening Systems

Liquidic® offers custom made and standardized water filtration systems to remove particles and contaminants from the water and also correct the imbalance of water chemistry.

The water filtration systems that we provide will make a difference to your day to day water needs whether it is for other household needs or for industrial applications.

Liquidic® customizable filtration solutions are designed to suit all kinds of water needs, ranging from resolving hard water problems, to bitter taste or chlorine odors.

We provide:
  • Media filters
  • Carbon filters (GAC)
  • Water Softeners Systems
  • Calcite saturators for water chemistry correction
  • Membrane filtration systems - MF,UF,NF and RO

Liquidic® Water Care engineers and scientists will carefully analyse your specific water treatment needs and design the appropriate water treatment system to meet your requirements.

Our industrial and domestic water treatment expertise is particularly suited for households, commercial and institutional building, food and beverage facilities, restaurants, hotels, farms etc.

Give us a call and send us quick enquiry, we will work with you to resolve your challenges.

Call Liquidic® Water Care Center or send a quick enquiry, we will gladly help you select the appropriate filtration system for your water challenges.