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Home Water Delivery Services

 High Quality water delivered to your home.

You deserve high quality and better-tasting water without hassles! We deliver bottled water to your home at your convenience and in the most economical way. Our bottled water delivery options can be customized to meet your specific requirements and your preferred delivery time, bringing proven and tested high quality drinking water directly to your door steps.

We offer Water Coolers & Bottled Water Delivery for Homes

We offer a free Liquidic® water cooler / dispenser*. The free cooler / dispenser comes with a weekly or biweekly bottled water delivery at your door depending on your preference. There is no need for upfront fees for bottles or water coolers/dispensers. We schedule the delivery to meet your own schedule requirements. The convenience of a Liquidic® cooler/ dispenser includes state of the art temperature controls for cold, room-temperature, and hot water for great-tasting water quenching your thirst at just the touch of a button.

Our staff are experienced professionals and will treat you with the upmost respect, listening to your requirements or questions and making sure that they resolve them in the most effective way to your full satisfaction

Get your water delivery now by calling Liquidic® Water Care Center to schedule your appointment.

How does it work?
    • Contact Liquidic Water Care specialists to set up your system and first water delivery.
  • Decide on a water delivery schedule that meets your own schedule. Liquidic® water care center can help with the scheduling.
  • You are now ready to taste the best drinking water quality in your area. It is clean, better testing and exceeding all potable water standards requirements.
  • We take care of empty bottles as we return for your next scheduled bottled water delivery.
  • Single use bottles are also available.

Contact us today to learn more about bottled water delivery, to schedule your appointment

*Free coolers/dispensers are provide if the client agree to a 2 year water delivery contract for which is only charged for delivered water and not for the cooler/dispenser. Contract free delivery systems are also available.
   Pricing Options

Service or Product



Bottled Water Dispenser – Contract

Free for a 2 year water delivery contract

CAD 0.00   (Free)

Bottle water dispenser- Purchase

Purchased with no water delivery contract

Check price on Choose a Products

Liquidic® Premium Water Bottle (18.95 Litres or 5 Gallons)

Offered with 5% discount for a 2 year contract

CAD 5.00 per bottle

Liquidic® Premium Water Bottle (15 Litres or 4 Gallons)

Offered with 5% discount for a 2 year contract

CAD 4.00 per bottle

Water Delivery service

In addition  to  bottled water

Starting at CAD 2.5 per delivery

Maintenance Services – Mandatory for free Water dispenser contract

One service every 3 months

Starting at CAD 50 per year spread on 12 months

Water Dispenser - Mandatory for free water dispenser contract

 We replace the unit if it malfunctions or if it is damaged. Insurance does not apply if you purchase or own the unit

CAD 40 per year spread on 12 months

We Can help you choose the appropriate filtration or bottled water delivery service for your household.