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Liquidic® provides drinking water solutions for the needs of most homes and offices. For companies who want to make their customers’ stay a satisfying experience Liquidic® provides premium water quality services at a low cost while keeping your office a pleasant and highly productive environment. Similarly, for residential homes, Liquidic® offers bottled water delivery services, bringing premium quality bottled water at your door steps to ensure that your household water is healthy.

We offer the following
  • Water delivery to your home or business: we arrange water delivery to meet your schedule. All water delivery calls or orders are attended to within 24 hours
  • We offer quality bottled water dispensers giving our customers the option to choose between bottle and bottle free water dispensers
  • Multiple options for households and offices water filtration systems that we customize to meet the client specific water treatment needs.
Sanitizing your water coolers

We will schedule the sanitization of your bottled water dispenser automatically every three months. For our customers who use bottle free water dispensers we schedule a filter change every six months. Regardless of the type of water dispenser you use Liquidic® technicians will clean your water dispenser thoroughly, inside and outside, to the standards established by the Canadian Bottled Water association(CBWA). The sanitization of your dispenser will be scheduled to ensure your scheduling requirements.

Maintenance and Repairs

It is very unlikely that Liquidic water dispensers will need repair. If it happens that your water dispenser requires repair, Liquidic® technicians will attempt to solve the issue on site in the first instance or in our workshop. If the dispenser cannot be repaired, Liquidic® will provide a free replacement. In general, all the repairs or replacements are completed within 48 hours when we receive the call.

Pricing Options

Service or Product



Bottled Water Dispenser – Contract

Free for a 2 year water delivery contract

CAD 0.00   (Free)

Bottle water dispenser- Purchase

Purchased with no water delivery contract

Check price on place an order

Liquidic® Premium Water Bottle (18.95 Litres or 5 Gallons)

Offered with 5% discount for a 2 year contract

CAD 5.00 per bottle or

Liquidic® Premium Water Bottle (15 Litres or 4 Gallons)

Offered with 5% discount for a 2 year contract

CAD 3.50 per bottle

Water Delivery service

In addition  to  bottled water

CAD 2.5 per delivery

Maintenance Services – Mandatory for free Water dispenser contract

One service every 3 months

CAD 50 per year spread on 12 months

Water Dispenser - Mandatory for free water dispenser contract

 We replace the unit if it malfunctions or if it is damaged. Insurance does not apply if your purchase or own the unit

CAD 40 per year spread on 12 months

Multistage Stages Filtration System

We offer customized home and office filtration system to meet specific customers’ requirements. The filtration system include a 3 to 6 stage home and office filtration system that can be installed below a kitchen sink or specialized location. The figure below provide a good illustration of the multistage home and office filtration system. The various stages could include GAC or PAC filtration, a UF stage as well as a NF or RO stage depending on the water source and the specific customer’s issues


  Pricing option for multistage filtration system :

Service or Product



Multistage Filtration system including tank, filters, faucet  and installation accessories

Price varies depending on  components included

CAD 150 to 250 per set

Filter cartridge

To be replaced every 5 months

CAD 30 to 50 per unit

Installation fees

Once off fee

CAD 50.00 per installation

Replacement of filter cartridge

Pay only the filter cartridge cost. Installation is free


Send us an enquiry and our Water Center will contact within 24hours to discuss your multistage filtration system needs

Other Water Systems for Homes and Offices

Liquidic customizable filtration solutions are designed to suit all kinds of water needs, ranging from resolving hard water problems, to bitter taste or chlorine odors. We offer:

  • Media filters
  • Carbon filters (GAC)
  • Water Softeners Systems
  • Calcite saturators for water chemistry correction
  • Membrane filtration systems - Micro Filtration(MF),Ultra Filtration(UF),Nano Filration(NF) and Reverse Osmosis(RO)
Give us a call or send us an enquiry, Liquidic® will work with you to customize a water filtration system that is appropriate for your office or household needs.