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Operation & Maintenance (Small & Medium Size Water Plants)

Water plant operators

Liquidic® personnel includes engineers and scientists as well as trained operators who can operate and maintain, existing and future treatment works. As such, our team is uniquely qualified to provide you with assistance when you need additional water treatment plant operators to replace in short or long terms your existing operators who are not able to come to work for sickness or other reasons.

Our staff are very familiar with Canadian water treatment regulation and will operate the plant to ensure that you meet your business and or legal requirements.

Maintenance Support

Scheduling and executing maintenance programs at existing water treatment facilities can be challenging for small to medium size communities and businesses. In addition to the needs to maintain a continuous flow of water to keep the community or the business running while the plant is being maintained, water treatment plant operators still have to deal with the need to conduct appropriate maintenance for all key rotational and static equipment in a way that meet the suppliers recommendation and specifications. We recognize that this can be overwhelming. Liquidic® will provide you with the personnel you need to cope with your maintenance schedule and need.

Maintenance Services

Liquid is also providing scheduled maintenance services to keep you focused on your core business. We have developed systems and tools to conduct standard and specialised water treatment plant maintenance services to keep your system running free of trouble. This will enable you to focus on your core activities, keep you busy at what you are good at.

We provide support for scheduled maintenance services or replacement of an existing plant operator for short to long term assignment.