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Vision and Corporate Citizenship

We have one simple objective at Liquidic®: making the world a better place and we achieve this by making sure that there is zero water harm to our customers and their assets, to our employees and the environment, and that everyone has access to premium drinking water quality.

Our strategic intent is what we call the objective 15-40. It consists of leading the Canadian water delivery industry from year 2015 to year 2040 in a new area of technological leadership and unprecedented customer satisfaction. This objective has significant impact on the individual communities where we live and work; and our dedication to serve them is everlasting.

We are committed to demonstrating that our actions will always reflect our long-standing values of integrity, respect, community engagement and environmental foot print reduction

We are relatively a new organization but our story is already evolving through our interaction with the communities where we live and work

Our commitment to making sure that everyone has access to premium water quality is what defines our corporate DNA. This commitment is strongly supported by our core competencies in engineering, delivery services and logistics, water technology and operational know how.

Our vision is Zero Water Harm to:
  • Our customers and their assets,
  • Our employees,
  • The environment.